About『CAFE  kome dreaming』

『CAFE  kome dreaming』

     ” experience Japanese sweet fermented rice drink! ”


We are fascinated to share what rice can change into.

sweet drinks like Ama-zake?, in a form of fermentation?  beautiful earrings?


Our wish is to share the beauty of Japanese culture through various forms of rice.  We wish that people in Japan and many people from all over the world can get to know Japan and its unique culture more, and love Japan!

It is a place of excitement, wonder and discovery

A place that combines the modern and the traditional

A place that brings together people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds!

That’s 『CAFE  kome dreaming』

What you can enjoy at 『CAFE  kome dreaming』

Japanese sweet fermented rice drink 'Ama-zake' (non-alchoholic)

-'Ama-zake' has a history of more than 1,300 years in Japan and is said to have health benefits such as helping digestion and stress-relief. Moreover, it's nutritious and tasty!

we have prepared original flavored drinks with the collaboration of Yamaguchi-Koji Ltd. (Founded in 1873, fermentation professionals)




-Sugar-free (natural sweetness)

-No additives or added sugars

-Nutritious beverage “drinkable beauty essence”

-Gluten-free, vegan!

-Eat in and take away available!

All handmade accessories

Made from Japanese rice, only one item in the world!

Great for a gift and souvenir!  Very unique present.

Delicious gluten-free cookies, organic skincare goods…and so on, all made from rice!  

Please have a great time.


『CAFE  kome dreaming』  ” Japanese sweet fermented rice drink ”


Tokyo Minato-ku Shibakoen 1-7-14 KS Hikari building


Daimon station 1mins walk

Hamamatsucho station North exit  6mins walk

Onarimon station A2 exit  6mins walk

*From  Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT)  please take the Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho station. 

*Surrounded  with a great area for sightseeing including Zojoji Temple, Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Park  and lots more! 


Open hours

 Weekdays                            11:00-20:00

 Weekends/public holidays 10:00-18:00

*Please check our website for the newest information

Contact us

  Please email to info@craft-mita.org