We had the opportunity to tour Yamaguchi Kojiten.

Hello everyone!

I'm Tanaka, a staff member at Komedoriming.

It has been three months since our store reopened.

We want to provide even better food at our cafe in the Hamamatsucho and Daimon area! We discuss this and that as we work every day to create a cafe that our customers will be pleased with.

That's how I spend my days, but today!

The other day, I had the opportunity to tour the brewery of one of our business partners, Yamaguchi Kojiten, so I'd like to share what I saw with you!

◎What is Yamaguchi Kojiten?

First, let me introduce Yamaguchi Kojiten again.

This is a specialty store that handles rice koji (koji), which opened in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture in 1873.

We manufacture and sell a variety of products related to rice koji, including amazake, which is served on our cafe menu, as well as our carefully selected miso and sansho-zuke.

You can feel the history and dignity just from the store's appearance!

A variety of products were on sale in the store, and many local people were there.

Next is a look inside the factory.

First, there are the soybeans used in miso.

There is a basic version and a zunda miso made with green soybeans, and the difference is clear when you compare the two types of soybeans.

I actually had the chance to touch them, and each soybean was large and heavy in size.

Even as an amateur, I felt like, "This could be something good."

It's regular soybeans.

This is green soybeans.

You can clearly see that it has a bluish tint.

This is what the inside of the factory looks like.

Each and every piece of equipment and fixture looked very old, and it really gave me the feeling that "this is where that flavor is made!"

The last step is rice koji.

(As an aside, when I started doing business with Yamaguchi Kojiten, I remember being surprised that it was a powder!)


This time we are introducing Yamaguchi Kojiten.

We will create a store that can provide good products to both our customers and business partners.

This was staff member Tanaka!