Onigiri making and amazake tasting class

Onigiri experience

We have recently launched an experience service for foreign visitors to Japan where they can make onigiri and compare different types of amazake.

Please enjoy our unique onigiri making process based on the concept of "rice".

▼Recommended for these people

Foreign visitors to Japan

Tour conductors for foreigners

Those looking for a casual cultural experience in Tokyo

Those who are having trouble welcoming students or guests from abroad

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▼Key points of the onigiri experience class

English OK!

Our English-speaking staff will provide you with a thorough lecture.

Learn about Japanese history and culture!

While making onigiri, we will talk about Japanese history and culture, including topics such as "Why are onigiri triangular?", "The difference between Japanese rice and Thai rice", and "Japanese folk tales related to amazake".

Carefully crafted sweet sake!

Enjoy our rice koji amazake made in collaboration with fermentation specialist Yamaguchi Kojiten (established in 1873). We have a wide range of flavors available, from plain, which allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness, to tomato and kinako flavors, and even the unique green juice amazake.

Anyone can participate!

You can join us for the first time, on your own, or as part of a sightseeing tour.

Contents: Making rice balls & comparing sweet sake tastings Five types of side dishes (young greens, yukari, sanshozuke, salmon flakes, kelp)
・Price: 10,000 yen (tax included)
・Time required: 90 minutes ・English available ・Souvenirs included (chopsticks, sake cup)
・Venue: Our store (KS Hikari Building, 1-7-14 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Please make a reservation in advance using the form below, or by visiting us in person or over the phone.

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