Services for businesses

Our store offers a wide range of services for businesses, from bulk sales and wholesale to hands-on classes for inbound tourists, product development and OEM.

■Pot service

We will deliver delicious amazake and other drinks for company social gatherings and small networking events.
Orders can be made for 10 people or more.

Menu: Cold rice malt sweet sake
・Brown rice coffee cold

◾️Wholesale sales

You can order a wide range of products, from the various sweet sakes we have developed, to koji seasonings (salt koji, soy sauce koji, onion koji), jams, etc. Orders can be made even in small lots.
If you have any requests, we can discuss with you the label design etc.

Examples of achievements:
・Providing sweet sake to Daiunji Temple in Edogawa Ward ・Providing condiments to Italian food events in Tokyo: Daiunji Temple

Providing sweet sake to event participants

■ Onigiri experience class

We offer a service for foreign visitors to Japan where they can experience making onigiri and comparing different types of amazake.

If you are a tour conductor for foreigners or would like to collaborate, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Contents: Onigiri making and amazake tasting
Number of participants: 1-5
5 types of side dishes (young greens, yukari, sanshozuke, salmon flakes, kelp)
Participant fee: 10,000 yen (tax included)
Duration: 90 minutes
English available
Souvenirs included (chopsticks, sake cup)
Location: Our store (KS Hikari Building, 1-7-14 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

For details about the onigiri experience class, please click here .

■ Product manufacturing (OEM)

We will develop products to meet the needs of each company. You can also specify ingredients that are locally rooted.
We offer a wide range of fermentation-related products, including amazake, miso, and rice bran mash.

We can also assist you with small-lot wholesale and small-lot sample manufacturing.

Examples of achievements:

・Development of in-house fermented seasonings
・Development of craft cola, etc.


We will talk about the production method and history of amazake, as well as the koji mold that is unique to Japan.

It is also possible to hold the event in conjunction with a traveling sales event.
Please contact us for details on time required and costs.

*English support available

Achievements: Foreign IT companies

■ Travel sales

We visit the offices of companies and organizations to conduct sales on-site.

Our staff will also be on hand to help with sales.

*English support available

Please contact us separately regarding the required space and costs.

Achievements: Foreign IT companies

■ Hands-on workshops

We can hold experience workshops such as making miso and koji seasoning at your office or event venue.

Achievements: Various events with Yamaguchi-san of Yamaguchi Koujiten as guest

Make miso with a long-established koji shop! ~Includes a free cup of specially selected rice koji sweet sake~

A Koji craftsman talks about "Learn about the world of fermentation!" ~Luxurious! Tasting of 10 types of rice koji sweet sake and a small bowl of koji cuisine included~