[Event Report] We held an event with Sanenzan Kodoin, the oldest sub-temple on the Zojoji temple grounds.

On April 29, 2024, we set up a booth at the "Kodoin Neribei Culture Exchange Event" held at Sanenzan Kodoin, the oldest sub-temple within Zojoji Temple.

On the day, More than 400 guests attended the event, enjoying presentations by experts, a special unveiling of the internal structure of the mortar wall, and the gardens of Kodoin Temple.

Sanenzan Kodoin Temple is This is the oldest sub-temple within the temple, built as a separate retreat by the monk Yuyo Shoso, who founded Zojoji Temple .

Also, the " The Kodoin Front Gate and Neribei Wall are historical structures that remain from the Edo period as a continuous relic of the Tokugawa family temple's former appearance, when a series of earthen walls were constructed using construction methods unique to the Tokugawa family. They were registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property (Structures) on December 11, 1998.

During the event, Professor Shigeru Sugasawa, visiting researcher at Kogakuin University (specially appointed professor at Koyasan University) Ms. Senju Nishijo, the deputy chief priest of Kodo-in Temple, gave a total of three lectures on the history of Kodo-in Temple, the Kodo-in Neribei wall, and the area around Zojo-ji Temple.

Many of the visitors were from overseas, making it an event where they could experience Japanese culture and the charm of the Daimon area.

We at Komedreaming will continue to promote the great things about Japan.