Komedreaming was featured in Amazake Press!

hello everyone!

This is Tanaka from "Kome Dreaming."

With just 10 days left until the new store opens, preparations are in the final stages of completion.

The inside of the store is nearing completion, and both the owner and staff are excited and nervous.

As the days go by so quickly, we have some exciting news!

Komedreaming was featured in "Amazake Press", a website that publishes information about amazake!




*What is "Amazake Press"?

By providing the latest information on amazake produced in the region, they aim to be a web media that is loved by readers of all ages and genders, from beginners who are just beginning to discover the appeal of amazake, to amazake fans who enjoy drinking it on a daily basis.


We are a fairly rare type of cafe, so we are very happy to be receiving attention from so many different quarters.


The site also features CG images of the interior of the store and photos of Sakura Amazake, a seasonal spring menu item, so be sure to take a look.


All our staff look forward to welcoming you to our facility so that you will be pleased!

"Kome Dreaming ~GIFT & CRAFT Mita~" is being distributed through various media!