About us

Amazake and Miscellaneous Goods Cafe Kome Dreaming was established in Hamamatsucho in 2023 with the hope of putting dreams into rice and becoming a place where people can fall in love with Japan even more through the possibilities of rice.

Previously, we operated GIF & CRAFT Mita, a gift shop focusing on organic products, in Tamachi, but this time we are reopening with a new theme of "rice".

We offer our original special amazake drinks, rice flour sweets, and miscellaneous goods such as ethical accessories and skincare products made from rice.

The amazake drink was developed in collaboration with fermentation specialist Yamaguchi Kojiten, founded in 1873. A wide variety of flavors are available, including plain, which allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness, as well as tomato, kinako, mugwort, and the unique green juice amazake.

We also offer seasonal amazake drinks that can be enjoyed during seasonal events such as cherry blossom viewing, summer cool-downs, autumn leaf viewing, and snow viewing.

We offer both eat-in and take-out options, so please drop by during your sightseeing or work break.

Our thoughts

Our thoughts are,

"Through the potential of rice, we aim to create a future filled with people who love Japan and are proud of it."

-So that the beautiful and historic Japan may continue to exist for a long time to come.

-So that we who live in Japan can be proud of Japan.


-To convey the wonderfulness of Japan to people from overseas

Not only can it be cooked and eaten, but the power of fermentation can make it delicious and beautiful, and sometimes it can even change shape to become sparkling accessories or cute miscellaneous goods.

We offer a space where you can enjoyably discover the charm of rice.

The shop is located just a 1-minute walk from Daimon Station, a 6-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station, and a 6-minute walk from Onarimon Station, making it extremely accessible from the stations.

It is located in a place where traditional Japanese charm coexists with modernity.

We look forward to your visit.

Everyone at Amazake and Miscellaneous Goods Cafe Komedreaming