I appeared on the popular Nippon Television program "Burarito Tochuu Gesha no Tabi" (broadcast on 11/25)!

Our shop appeared on Nippon Television's "Burarito Tochuu Gesha no Tabi" broadcast on November 25th!

Nippon Television's "Burarito Tochuu Gesha no Tabi" began airing in 1992 and features a host of unique entertainers as travelers who take a leisurely train trip introducing local shops and other local attractions.

This time, actor Toru Kazama visited our store and gave us a tour of it.

In commemoration of the broadcast, we will be holding a campaign offering free shipping on purchases of 6,000 yen or more from today until November 30th.

<Broadcast Summary>
Program name: A trip with stops along the way
Broadcast date: Saturday, November 25, 2023 9:25-10:30
Broadcasting station: Nippon Television

The November 25th broadcast of "Burari Tochuu-desha no Tabi" will feature the Toei Oedo Line | Burari Tochuu-desha no Tabi | Nippon Television