I appeared on Smaregi's radio program "Shop Radio supported by Smaregi"

On January 7, 2024, Smaregi Co., Ltd. appeared on the store promotion time of the radio program "Shop Radio supported by Smaregi", broadcast on two stations, InterFM and FM Osaka.

" Shop Radio supported by Sumaregi" is a radio program for people surrounding a shop, by people surrounding a shop, and about people surrounding a shop within a 5-meter radius.
We invite guests from various industries, such as retail and restaurants, to interview store managers and owners to find out what they think about when creating their stores, building their teams, and creating a great atmosphere.

Shop Radio supported by Smaregi | [Shop Radio] #114 {Public Recording Horiemon Special!!! Part 2} "Break the stereotypes" What is the reason behind the success of Takafumi Horie's entertainment bakery "Slave of Wheat"?

■ Program information

Broadcasting station: InterFM (TOKYO 89.7 MHz) http://www.interfm.co.jp/
FM Osaka (85.1MHz) https://www.fmosaka.net/
Title: Shop Radio supported by Smaregi Broadcast date: InterFM Every Sunday 21:00-21:30
FM Osaka Every Sunday 18:30-19:00