For business and restaurant owners, non-profit organizations, and other operators

Komedreaming's predecessor, "GIFT & CRAFT Mita," has held more than 20 lectures and workshops on SDGs over the past three years , with the theme of earth-friendly living. (Below are examples of past achievements)

Examples of achievements (partial list):
Numerous lectures and workshops on SDGs (mainly environmental education and gender equality)
<Example> "Japan in the World" Japan's food self-sufficiency rate and energy self-sufficiency rate
<Example> "Plastics and Us" - Marine plastic issues and the health hazards of microplastics
<Example> "Making masks using scraps" SDGs workshop for parents and children
<Example> "Fair Trade Wine and Chocolate Association" Learn about fair trade in a fun way

Teacher qualifications:
Junior and senior high school teaching license (social studies and English)
Vegan Certification Pro

Based on this track record, Komedreaming receives requests such as the following:

・Basic courses and workshops on SDGs for companies and non-profit organizations
・Basic SDGs courses and workshops for children
・Basic vegan courses for restaurant staff

If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to contact us.