Amazake from Yamaguchi Kojiten, which we carry in our store, has been featured on STORY web!

hello everyone!

This is Tanaka from "Kome Dreaming."

February is here and spring is just around the corner!

As always, we are continuing to prepare for the opening of Amazake Cafe, which will be relocating to Hamamatsucho.

Am I being chased by work? No, I'm chasing it. While I was having this conversation in my head, an offer to be featured in a magazine jumped out at me.

The name of the magazine is "STORY web."

It is a women's magazine with the theme of "Fashion and lifestyle for the new 40-somethings," and they featured Amazake from Yamaguchi Kojiten, which we carry in our store!

STORY web page

It all started when a member of our editorial staff visited our booth at an event in Tokyo.

I also had a look at the site, and the theme is fashion and lifestyle, which is very stylish.

In addition to fashion, the magazine also features many articles about health and beauty, and the editorial staff are supervised by doctors and nurses, so even I, a man, find myself finding the information intriguing and satisfying.

I was very happy to be featured this time, and it gave me even more motivation.

With our motto of "Invigorating Japan through rice," all of our staff will continue to work hard towards the opening.

This was staff member Tanaka!

"Kome Dreaming ~GIFT & CRAFT Mita~" is being distributed through various media!