What is rice resin?

hello everyone!

I'm Tanaka from "Kome Dreaming ~GIFT & CRAFT Mita~".

This time we will talk about "rice resin".

It's not a term you hear very often, and I only learned of its existence when my purchasing manager brought it up to me.

This time we will be telling you about this newcomer, rice resin!

1. What is rice resin?

First of all, rice resin is "a domestically produced biomass plastic made from (non-edible) rice. It is made by upcycling rice that would otherwise be discarded and not even processed as feed, such as old rice that is not suitable for eating, and broken rice generated by rice cracker manufacturers, using new technology."

Source: https://www.jp-ts.jp/Content/bio/index.html#about


The point is, it's about taking rice that can no longer be used and turning it into something new.

By mixing rice, which is a natural part of Earth, with the main raw material plastic, it is possible to give the plastic "carbon neutral" properties, which means it does not affect the increase or decrease of carbon dioxide on Earth, and the results show that the cost and ease of use are almost the same as conventional plastics.


*Carbon neutral

When viewed over the entire life cycle, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted and absorbed will be plus or minus zero.




2. What is upcycling?

Now, the second unfamiliar word.

Have you ever heard of the term "upcycling"?

Many people are familiar with the term "recycling," but are probably unfamiliar with the term "upcycling."

Upcycling is defined as " the process of giving new value to products that would otherwise be thrown away and regenerating them, " and is also said to mean giving something new added value and upgrading it.

Reference: https://sdgs.kodansha.co.jp/news/knowledge/40580/#section-1-1

This is just my personal opinion, but isn't it incredibly cool to breathe new life into something that would have been thrown away and put it to good use?

It's like a desperate move that saves the day when everyone else has started to give up.

(I'm sorry if you can't understand. I'm a right-brained person...lol)

Tanaka is very excited to see the idea of ​​upcycling becoming more widespread and more wonderful products being produced!

3. Rice resin and the current state of affairs

So far we have been talking about rice resin and upcycling, but did you know that it is gaining more and more attention in the world?

Featured on Nippon Television's "news every." in 2021


Featured on News Station on September 23, 2022 (today!)


Japan Post also sells products made with rice resin!


It's amazing that the media and companies that provide services that are essential to your daily lives are also taking notice!

Rice resin is also registered on StePP, a platform provided by the United Nations specialized agency UNIDO to introduce Japan's excellent technologies for the sustainable industrial development of developing and emerging countries.

5. Conclusion

Today I've been telling you about rice resin.

I believe there are many different forms of sustainable efforts, such as working energetically with volunteers or organizations, doing your own research, and making sure to separate your garbage on a daily basis.

I would be very happy if this article inspires someone to take action!

In addition, "Kome Dreaming ~GIFT & CRAFT Mita~" will be setting up a stall at the Eco Marche at Kawasaki Lazona on September 25th, focusing on products made with the rice resin introduced today.

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