Improve your dry skin from your intestines! Tips for having beautiful skin in winter

Hello everyone!

This is Yoshimura from Komedoriming ~GIFT & CRAFT Mita ~.

Now that Christmas is over, the city is suddenly in a New Year's mood.

How are you all doing during these cold days?

Dryness is something that becomes a concern in winter.

I've been dealing with dry skin for a long time now.

This time, I will share some tips on preventing dryness from the inside of your body!

① What controls your intestinal environment controls beautiful skin!


In fact, our skin is made from the food we eat every day. What we eat is an important factor in maintaining beautiful skin.

The beauty of your internal organs affects your skin, so it's important to first improve your intestinal environment.

By improving your intestinal environment, your skin's turnover rate will be normalized and your skin's moisture content will increase.


I have personally experienced that when your intestines are unhealthy, such as when you are constipated, your skin color can also become dull, and I know that there is a connection between these two.

②How do you improve your intestinal environment?


So, here we will introduce you to some ways to improve your intestinal environment!

To improve your intestinal environment, we recommend starting with fermented foods (natto, miso, kimchi, yogurt, cheese, etc.).

This is because it is a food that contains a lot of good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria.

It is important to consume as many different fermented foods as possible and cultivate a diverse range of bacteria in your body.


In addition to fermented foods, collagen and elastin are also effective against dry skin.

It is a component that is found in large amounts in the skin and tendons of meat and fish.

These foods are very effective for dry skin, but be careful not to eat too much of them as they can lead to subcutaneous fat.


Eggs are also known as a complete nutritional food and are very effective for dry skin.

By eating two a day, you can get the protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. that will help improve your skin and hair.

If you want to be beautiful, be sure to take this!

How was it?

Dry skin is most often caused by nutritional deficiencies.


Eating a well-balanced diet, focusing on fermented foods, promotes skin turnover and is also very effective in preventing dry skin!


Eat a balanced diet of meat and fish to welcome 2023 with good health and beautiful skin!


That's all from Yoshimura!


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