What are warming activities and measures against coldness?

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The temperature in Tokyo has dropped significantly since last week, and it's becoming necessary to wear gloves and scarves.

At this time of year, words like "warming up" and "poor circulation" are especially common.

This will be one of the upcoming topics for Komedoriming (hereinafter Komedori), so I will be writing about it.

①What is warming up?

First of all, what is Onkatsu? In a nutshell, it is " warming the body, raising the basal body temperature, and improving poor health ."

In short, when your body temperature drops, your immune system weakens and the temperature of your muscles and internal organs also drops, making you more susceptible to various ailments, so it's a good idea to raise your basal body temperature.

Symptoms of cold sensitivity include stiff shoulders, swelling, menstrual problems, and migraines, all of which are common concerns among women.

In particular, women tend to have a lot of fat and little muscle mass, which means their basal metabolic rate tends to be low, so it's important to raise their basal body temperature and activate their internal body movements!


②What should I do specifically?

So, what can we do to improve this? There are three main ways to do this.


1. Change what you eat and drink

This is very important.

If you think about it, you can see that it's true, but I can't really say anything about other people.

(I can't resist the allure of the convenience store on my way home from work...lol)


Root vegetables, which are said to warm the body, and koji-based seasonings and drinks, which have become popular recently, are recommended as they also help regulate your intestinal environment.


Another thing that I personally found good was trying to achieve balance by adding and subtracting.

Adding (taking in lots of good things for your body) and subtracting (avoiding eating bad things) all at once is not sustainable.


This is due to a mechanism of the body and brain called "homeostasis." The human body has a tendency to dislike sudden changes (it tries to revert to old habits), so if you try to make a sudden change, you will not feel stressed and it will be difficult to sustain it.


It's the same as how it's difficult to lose 10kg in a month.


By the way, I've been adding a little to my diet (drinking hot green juice in the morning, adding miso soup to my lunchbox) and subtracting a little (switching to hot drinks instead of cold ones), and so far it's been working well!


2. Take a bath

If you're busy, you probably just take a shower, right?

I used to be like that too, but now I can feel a huge difference just by doing it once every two days.

I especially recommend getting any necessary tasks done before taking a bath, and then soaking in water at about 40 degrees Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes. This will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to go to bed with your body nice and warm.

We also recommend hot water bottles and microwave-warming packs.



As I speak to various customers at Komedreaming, I hear an increasing variety of concerns.

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