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hello everyone!

I'm Tanaka from "Kome Dreaming ~GIFT & CRAFT Mita~".

This time, I suddenly decided to type away on the keyboard.

The theme was "Why do we want to eat something sweet when we're busy?"

Lately, my days have been particularly busy and I've noticed that I've been eating sweets more often.

This is especially true after lunchtime, when you want to take a break before evening approaches.

This made me curious and I decided to look into the reason why.


① You are in a state of hypoglycemia or fatigue.

The reason you crave something sweet when you're tired is that your blood sugar is low and your brain is craving sugar.


When we eat sweets, our blood sugar level rises sharply, making us feel happy, but we need to be careful because eating too many can also cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels.


② When you are stressed

There are times when you feel frustrated and reach for something sweet.

(I can't resist the allure of convenience store sweets. Lol.)


This refers to a brain circuit called the "reward system," which is the mechanism that creates a sense of pleasure in the brain when you eat something sweet or high-calorie.


3. Before menstruation

This is a condition that only affects women, but it can also be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome.

The cause is unclear, and since symptoms vary from person to person, treatment is currently on a case-by-case basis.


Reference: https://www.karakoto.com/28622/#i-2



This is a very personal opinion, but I think making it a nutritious snack is a viable option.

(I've been hooked on amazake and rice bran caramel lately!)


The reason is that, even though many people know that exercise and sleep are important, when I look around me, I feel that many people are not doing it the way they want to.

(At least, that was the case in the offices where I used to work.)


If this is the case, why not start by replacing the foods you eat to replenish your nutrients and bring about gradual changes to your body?

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