[Warming up] "Poor circulation" differs between men and women!

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Are you starting to notice the difference in temperature between morning and night at this time of year?

For those who suffer from coldness...!

I have always suffered from cold extremities and have struggled with cold feet before going to bed.

Did you know that the causes of cold sensitivity differ between men and women?

Please take a look at this if you or someone close to you is concerned about feeling cold.

Causes of cold in women


①Low muscle mass

Muscles play an important role in raising body temperature.

It is said that women are more susceptible to cold because they tend to have less muscle mass than men.


②Poor blood flow

When blood flow becomes poor due to menstruation or cold internal organs, the areas that are not receiving enough blood become cold.

In addition, tight-fitting clothes, underwear, and shoes can also affect poor blood circulation.


3) Hormonal imbalance

Changes in hormone balance can lead to autonomic nervous system disorders, which can lead to the body feeling cold.

Causes of cold in men


① Aging

As organs and other parts of the body age, the basal metabolic rate decreases, which can lead to poor circulation.

Like women, men also become more susceptible to cold as their muscle mass decreases with age.


② Decrease in basal metabolism

When your basal metabolic rate slows, your body temperature drops and you become more susceptible to feeling cold.

In this case, rather than symptoms such as cold hands and feet, symptoms such as fatigue, catching colds easily, and diarrhea are seen.


The above are the causes of cold sensitivity that differ between men and women.


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