[Event Report] 1st anniversary event held!

On March 8th, we held a special event to commemorate our first anniversary since opening.

On the day, we welcomed guest Yamaguchi Kazuma, Managing Director of Yamaguchi Kojiten, a long-established koji maker in Fukushima with which we are co-developing Amazake, and about 50 people participated, including affiliated manufacturers, accessory makers, and loyal customers.

The event was held in two parts and was a valuable opportunity to express gratitude to everyone.

Flowers given to celebrate our first anniversary

<Part One>

In the first part, we heard a greeting from Kazuma Yamaguchi, Managing Director of Yamaguchi Kojiten, and enjoyed a time of interaction with accessory makers, and manufacturers of sweets, skincare, and amazake.

Kazuma Yamaguchi, Managing Director of Yamaguchi Kojiten

Part Two

In the second part, we invited loyal customers of Komedreaming and manufacturers.

After the manufacturers introduced their products, Mr. Yamaguchi gave another greeting and a toast, and the social gathering began.

It was a very valuable opportunity to hear the development stories and thoughts of the producers, which can only be heard at the 1st anniversary event.

It was a day when I once again realized that we were able to get through this past year thanks to the support and love of our manufacturers and customers.

Over the past year, we have worked hard on a wide range of projects, starting with launching our own brand and selling koji seasonings and amazake, as well as being interviewed by various media outlets and organizing inbound tours.

We have many more projects in store for our second year, and we look forward to showing them to you all.

All of our staff will continue to work hard to make Japan more vibrant and to convey the charms of Japan to people from overseas.